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How To Safely Store Firearms


3 Fundamentals of Responsible Firearms Storage:

by Shot Tec, LLC

1) Have and use a safe that completely secures and occludes access to the firearm, unlike a trigger lock or action lock.

2) Use a holster or friction sleeve or other device that completely occludes access to the trigger by covering the entire trigger guard while the firearm is not in your hands which includes when the firearm is stored in a safe.

(Picture demonstrates proper fitment of a holster in that the holster completely occludes access from any finger or object from entering inside the trigger guard and manipulating the trigger. This holster is the Made in the USA Stealth Operator Holster for sale on our website. The "firearm" is actually one of our compact SIRT "laser training devices" by Next Level Training we use in our services.)

3) The firearm is either in your hands, on your immediate person such as in a secure properly fitting holster, or in a locked, hard-sided safe and never anywhere else.

The goal is to prevent access to the firearm by non permitted persons such as children, irresponsible people, or criminals. 

For further questions or explanations, please contact us at 833-746-8832 or or book our services for training and education.